SVoVE Project

Our Department (Department of Business Administration, Marketing and Tourism (Thessaloniki)) along with the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics (Thessaloniki) and the Department of Nursing (Thessaloniki) has organised and hosted the second MULTI-LAB Short-term joint staff training event that took place in IHU HQ, and it was a complete success. The objectives were fulfilled.
The Agenda was followed strictly by three Working Groups that were built ad-hoc on an inter-disciplinary basis. The WGs worked over the results of the 1st Multi-Lab hosted by the Finnish partners in NOV 2021 (electronic meeting) and moved a step further (phase-2). In the next phase (3rd MultiLAB) that is planned to be held in Lyon-France the Project outcome aspires to get its finalised form.
IHU wants to thank all 40 members (partners from Italy, Romania, France, Poland, Finland and Greece) for their consistent efforts to deduce to fruitful results.
Moreover, the host university has organized parallel social events (after the end of each day’s working hours) where the members had the chance to reinforce bonds between them, exchange experiences for many common topics, in a more loose mood.
Our efforts for extroversion will continue. Strong Department over European Union!