Prof Theodoros Kargidis

Professor and President at the Department of Organization Management, Marketing and Tourism at the International University of Greece.
He graduated from the Economics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has a postgraduate degree (D.E.S.S.) from the Universite Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne in Economics and Labor Management and he was awarded a doctorate degree by the Department of Applied Informatics of the University of Macedonia.
He has worked in the private sector in the Finance department of SIDENOR SA (BIOHALCO group) and in particular in the Accounting Department where, in addition to accounting tasks, he dealt with forecasts, costing, etc.
Since 1985, he has joined the higher education at ATEI of Thessaloniki, initially in the Department of Accounting as an part time academic staff and from 1988 in the Department of Marketing as a permanent teaching staff. Today this Department, after its merger with the Department of Tourism Business Management, has evolved into the university Department of Organisation Management, Marketing and Tourism at the International Hellenic University.
He has taught, among others, the courses Accounting, Financial Management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has also taught at postgraduate level the courses Strategy for the Operation of Therapeutic Rehabilitation Centers at the Department of Physiotherapy of ATEI Thessaloniki, Tourism Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Postgraduate program in “Management of Tourist Enterprises and Organizations”, Management of Educational Units at the Postgraduate program in “Management and Organization of Educational Units” and Management of Health and Welfare Units at the Postgraduate program in “Management and Organization of Health and Welfare Units
He has been Head of the Marketing Department and the Business Administration Department. He has been involved in national and European research activities. He has also been involved in training programs organized by companies and other institutions. Part of his research activities refer to the application of New Technologies in Business Administration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Open and Distance Education (OED).

Student contact hours:

Contact with students in campus: Tuesday 10.00 – 12.00 & Thursday 10.00 – 12.00.

Contact with students online: Monday  18.00-19.00*

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Undergraduate Courses:

  • Accounting principles
  • Financial management
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

Postgraduate courses:

  • Touristic innovation and entrepreneurship