The department of Organization Management, Marketing and Tourism is an academic unit of the School of Economics and Management of the International Hellenic University. The strategic goal of the department is to become the center of university education and research in Greece and particularly in Northern Greece in the fields of organizations administration, marketing and tourism. The main field of studies of the department belongs to the sciences of management and marketing as well as to the interdisciplinary field of tourism. The department offers high quality undergraduate and postgraduate education to students, cultivating, in parallel, scientific research. It offers the following specializations (from the fifth semester):

  • Organizations Administration
  • Marketing
  • Management of Tourism and Hospitality.

The graduates of the department will have a strong scientific background in fields such as management, HRM, quality assurance, service management, usage of information and communication technologies, economic theory, mathematics, foreign languages and mainly in the specializations of the department which are organizations administration, marketing and tourism and hospitality management. Moreover, the graduates are expected to have develop knowledge, abilities and aptitudes necessary to follow a career in, mainly, the private sector as well as the public one.
The scientific area covered by the department refers to dynamic sectors of the Greek economy. More specifically, the administration of organizations (public and private) represents an important pillar for the economic and social development of Greece. Concerning Marketing there is a high demand for both scientists and professionals and as to Tourism it is the fastest growing sector of the Greek economy. Courses and studies in the department have been organized on the basis of the Framework of Aptitudes/Qualifications of the European Third Grade Education and the European Framework of Qualifications for Continuing Education.


Vision and Mission
The vision of the department is to be a center of scientific excellency which, creates, develops and integrates the scientific knowledge though education and research on a local, regional, national and international level. After obtaining the degree, the graduates of the department are in a position to identify and solve problems which relate to organizations administration, marketing and tourism. The program of studies focuses on providing, to students, an integrated range of courses enabling graduates to follow a career in organizations administration, marketing and tourism.
More specifically, the mission of the department is to:

  • Provide high quality management education to students creating thus a future body of scientists with broad scientific and practical knowledge, aptitudes and abilities.
  • Create new knowledge in the sciences related to organizations administration, marketing and tourism through research and implementation of research.
  • Enhance and support scientists/academicians and professionals on a local, regional, national and international level. 


Profile of the department graduates
The graduates of the department possess all the knowledge, aptitudes and abilities needed to formulate long-term strategic planning and solve problems related to organizations administration, marketing and tourism. More specifically, they:

  • Understand the complication and the interdisciplinary nature of management.
  • Understand the legal and regulative framework related to the administration of organizations and other legal entities.
  • Have obtained extended and deep knowledge in theory, which help them to creatively analyze the problems arising during the administration of an organization.
  • Are able to plan strategies and policies taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of an organization as well the opportunities and threats arising in the dynamic environment.
  • Have obtained extended and deep knowledge of the content of the program (direction) they have chosen ( i.e. organizations administration, marketing and tourism).
  • Have fully understood the necessary practices, knowledge and abilities for attending postgraduate studies.


Postgraduate studies
The department offers four innovative and successful postgraduate programs:


Research laboratories
There are the following research laboratories which implement the research policy of the department and assure the continuous improvement o f the undergraduate and graduate studies.

  1. Research Laboratory of Tourism and Services Management covering the interdisciplinary area of tourism and services management.
  2. Research Laboratory of Marketing and Management focusing on issues of marketing, communication and management.
  3. Research laboratory of Data analysis and Business Intelligence focusing on information technology and quantitative methods in order to extract knowledge from data for marketing and management use.


International Dimensions and Mobility
The department has many collaborations with foreign universities which comprise exchanges of students and staff through the European ERASMUS+ program. The department presents the highest mobility of students among the departments of the International Hellenic University. Mobility actions concern a large number of universities of EU (more than 40 universities) as well as a good number of Greek universities. Particularly, in the context of international research programs and mobility programs, the department has had collaborations with the Aegean University, the Democritus University of Thrace, the Technical University of Crete, with most of the formerly Technological Educational Institutes, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the University of Macedonia, the Greek Open University etc.