Dr George Tsekouropoulos

Dr. Georgios Tsekouropoulos is an assistant professor in the department of Organizational Management, Marketing and Tourism in the International Hellenic University. He is a member of the research facility “Marketing and Business Administration and Organizations of the relative department of the University.
He holds a degree in Accounting, as well as in Business Administration and Organizations of Macedonia University, Greece. His postgraduate degree is in “Agricultural Economy” and his PhD concerns “Consumer’s Behavior” -both from Aristotle University, Greece-.

He has been a researcher in Greek and international research centers. His scientific interests concern the field of Marketing and Consumer’s Behavior as well as Management and Entrepreneurship. He has been an author of many issues in international journals and conventions records with judges of book chapters and scientific volumes.
Additionally, he is a member of the scientific and organizational committee of international conventions in the field of Marketing, Consumer’s Behavior, Tourism and Entrepreneurship. He is also an Editor of scientific articles in distinguished editions of journals published in the scientific field mentioned. He participates in European and Greek projects as a member of a wider research team. He cooperates with Emerald, Interscience, Elsevier as a judge of scientific articles.


Contact Information

Location: Building of Marketing/Library science, 1st floor,
Alexander campus of IHU, Sindos, Thessaloniki.
Tel/fax: (+30) 2310 013235
Email: geotsek@bua.teithe.gr 
Office hours:

Office hours: Tuesday  12.00-14.00

Office hours (via zoom): Tuesday  15:00-17:00


Office hours –for academic consulting:  Monday 14:15 – 17-15

Office hours –for academic consulting (via zoom): Thursday 18:00 – 21:00


Undergraduate courses

  • Principles of Management
  • Strategic Planning and Business Planning
  • Consumer’s Behavior
  • Marketing of Agricultural Products and Food

Postgraduate courses

  • Marketing of Educational Units
  • Marketing and Communication of Healthcare and Welfare Units
  • European Union and Education
  • International Economics and International Commerce


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