George Linaroudis

George Linaroudis is a graduate of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpretation of the Ionian University since 2014 and holds a diploma from the Master Program of Management of Businesses and Organizations, with specialization in Management of Tourism and Hospitality Businesses (2018). His working languages are English and French and he also speaks Italian, Spanish and Russian. He is an academic scholar of the Department of Organization Management, Marketing and Tourism since the fall semester of the academic year 2022-2023 and teaches the courses of French and French terminology and culture. He has co-authored research articles published in international conference proceedings. Main fields of interest are foreign languages, cultural awareness and intercultural communication.

Courses taught in Bachelor

  • French I
  • French II
  • French III
  • French IV
  • French Tourism Terminology and Culture

Courses taught in Postgraduate programs

  • Participation in the Master Program of Administration and Organization of Educational Units
  • Participation in the interdepartmental Master Program of Administration of Health and Welfare Units

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